Enjoy First-Rate Grooming Services

At Maria's House of Grooming in Shreveport, LA

Maria's House of Grooming in Shreveport offers a variety of different grooming packages that will have your pet looking and feeling amazing. Your dog is part of the family, so we go the extra mile to make sure that he or she is treated like royalty.

We offer many different services that you can count on to help your pet smell good and look great! Each of Maria's House of Grooming packages include a number of grooming services catered to the needs of your dog. From small to large sized dogs and those with long and short hair - Maria's House of Grooming's packages are perfect for all dog breeds.

We are happy to work with dogs of all sizes. Whether your pet is small, medium or large, we will be glad to provide our quality services.

Choose from Several Different Dog Grooming Packages:


The Bath Package

The Bath Package is a premium choice that includes a range of services. Your pet will get an ear cleaning and nail trim. He or she will also receive a pet shampoo, glands expression, facial, and cologne or perfume.

The Partial Package

The Partial Package includes the same services at our Bath Package, but it includes a few additional features as well. With the Partial Package, your dog will enjoy a cleaning to the eyes, feet and sanitary area, and a facial.

The Basic Package

Our Basic Package is also similar to our Bath Package, but includes additional services as well. With the Basic Package, your dog will enjoy the grooming services included in the Bath Package in addition to a full body trim - great for dogs with hair of all lengths.

On the Go Package

Our On the Go Package is a package that includes nail clip and buff, ears clean/pluck, teeth brush, and breath spray. Originally a $40 value, offered for $28!


Package Add-On's

Star Package Add-On

Add the Star Package to any of our bath packages and receive a blueberry or rainforest facial, special season shampoo, conditioner, nail clip & buff, and teeth freshening.

Nail Pawlish Add-On

Add the Nail Pawlish add-on to any package for dogs, and we will polish the dog's nails with fun colors, do french tips, and apply nail art to them (stickers, decals, etc).

Deshedding Add-On

If your dog is shedding like crazy, this package is the perfect fit. Our deshedding package includes deshedding shampoo, Furminator conditioner, and up to 30 minutes of brush out with a combination of different brushes.

Deshedding + Star Package

This add-on is a combination of our star package and deshedding package. With the purchase of a bath or groom package, this add-on will include a blueberry facial, nail buff, teeth freshening, and special shampoo.

Special Seasonal Shampoo Add-On

You can choose one of our special shampoos to fit the needs of your dog! The season shampoo will change per season, so call to find out what is being offered this season. We have medicated shampoos for allergies and fungal/bacterial skin infections as well as flea and tick shampoo. Ask us which option is best for your dog. Here is a list of some of our special shampoos:

  • Whitening
  • Coconut
  • Grimeinator
  • Emerald Black
  • Rainforest

Conditioner Add-On

You can add one of our different conditioners. Here are some of our special conditioners options:

  • Cocunut
  • Rainforest
  • Silky Show
  • De-Shed
  • Anti-Itch

Quick Services

Quick Services

By appointment only

Tuesday - Saturday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Quick services for dogs include:

  • Anal glands expression
  • Nail trim & buff
  • Teeth brush
  • Ear clean and pluck